Our Story

Our Story – How Help With Science Came To Be And Who We Are

Help With Science is one facet of owner Norm Leonard’s passion for helping people understand the beautiful, complex world in which we live. In following with the adage that, roughly paraphrased, says that “work that isn’t published is work that was never done,” Norm takes the view that published science must be shared to have value.

Established in October 2017, Help With Science emerged from the confluence of several objectives. One was to develop a platform for a tutoring service that Norm has been providing for almost a decade in a piecemeal fashion. Another was the need to formally market consulting services for school groups, civic organizations, and local governments. For instance, Norm’s work in Forsyth County, GA to help the Adopt-A-Stream program there develop an amphibian monitoring program is among his favorite projects and a type of work he’d like to do more. Then there is the ubiquitous need for fact-checkers and expert interpretation of scientific material as it is shared via mass media. Reporters rarely, if ever, have formal education in science, and those that do are often trained in somewhat narrow disciplines; we are here to provide reporters and writers with insights that safeguard their reputations as reliable sources of information as well as ensuring that readers get information that they can use. Lastly, we are here to serve as a resource for students of all stripes as they pursue their education. We love students of all ages and abilities.

At its core, this is a story about people. Sharing with people, teaching people, leading people, and supporting people. Some people in the sciences contribute new information and lead teams of researchers. We’re a bit different: our contribution is that of the teacher. We take complex ideas and distill them into something more palatable so as many people as possible can share in and understand the process of science and the knowledge it creates.