For Scientists

Our services for scientists fall into several different categories:

Research Services – First, we help scientists their work by providing a range of Research Services. These aids are for any scientist that needs an extra set of hands/eyeballs for field work, processing samples, or filling out their field crew when the workload is exceptionally heavy or regular staff are simply stretched too thin. Examples of things we help with are:

  • picking/sorting invertebrates
  • identifying invertebrates, fishes, or herps
  • field work (pretty much anything you can throw at us)
  • constructing field enclosures and mesocosms
  • collecting zooplankton, invertebrate samples, tadpoles, litter samples, etc.

Remote Project Management/Student Oversight – Are you managing a large project with remote field crews? Do you need someone to look after students while you attend to other tasks? We can provide that second set of eyeballs and on-the-spot practical advice. We know your students are smart, but they’re students and they’re bound to run into problems if they’re trying to do something new. Let us provide you with some peace of mind by providing you with a trained, experience touch-point at your field sites.

Data Analysis – Many projects generate reams of data that you’ll never have time to look at yourself and your students don’t find particularly interesting. Hire us to crunch the data for you!

Photography – There many reasons you might need photographs of a site, an organism, or event that is far away from your home institution, field station, or current project. Consequently, getting the photo you need can be prohibitively expensive or time consuming. In other cases, you might see an opportunity coming but not have the ability to catch it yourself. Examples of this situation include rain events, mating/breeding events, etc. In these situations, you probably find yourself wishing for someone close to the subject who has the time and interest to catch the photo that you can’t. Call us, we’ve got you covered.