Resources To Help You Prepare For The SAT

This list of resources to help you prepare for the SAT was prepared to help our clients identify the most useful content on the Internet. With the nearly endless list of how-to and self-help web sites that populate search results, we thought it might be helpful if we point you to those that really stand out as the very best available.

Of course the very best resources to help you prepare for the SAT come from the people who write the test, CollegeBoard. Believe it or not, they want you to do well, so they consequently prepare some of the best prep materials available. Besides, who knows the whys and wherefores of exam writing better than they do?

To find these materials, simply aim your browser at and then choose from any of the available pages. They’re all good, and you should read them. That said, here are a few highlights:

  1. First things first. Here’s a calendar of important dates if you plan to take the SAT. Here’s a link to a page that helps you register and find a testing center.
  2. For help with the SAT Essay, check out CollegeBoard’s explanation of how the essays are scored, how writing prompts are designed, and ideas about how to structure your essay. Then, when you’ve finished reading the information, make sure you practice!
  3. The importance of the written word will never wane. Reading is important, and understanding what you read is imperative to success. The people at CollegeBoard want to tell colleges how well you understand what you read, so part of the SAT tests your reading comprehension. In order to accurately measure how well you read, they like for you to be prepared. Here’s information about the reading section of the SAT from CollegeBoard.
  4. The ability to communicate in writing is just as important as being able to understand what you read. So, they SAT also tests your ability to differentiate between well written and poorly written material. Information about the Writing and Language Test is here. Please note that this is different from the essay portion of the test (see above).
  5. Quantitative skills are also important in real life, so the SAT has a section that measures your ability to solve math problems. Information on the math test is here.