Test Prep

Test prep is not the type of thing that can wait until the last minute. It needs to be done thoughtfully over a period of several weeks to months. But knowing where to begin is difficult. You know that taking the SAT or ACT is an important step in the college application process, and you want to do your best preparing. Let us help you! Call us at 912-376-9020 to get started.

Do you need help for preparing for┬áthe SAT, ACT, or GRE? We can help! Our test prep services are affordable and tailored to your needs. After years of helping students in the classroom as well as the privacy of their homes, we have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. Further, we understand that no two students have the same needs or the same learning style. So, we listen to you and identify a study program and test strategy that are appropriate for your particular needs.

The study programs we build are not only tailored to you, they are also tailored to the test. We do this because the SAT and ACT are similar but not identical. So it doesn’t make sense to approach them with a one-size-fits-all study plan. To facilitate this approach, your first meeting with us is a consultation during which we interview you about your study habits, ask to see previous test scores if you have them, and assess your general scholarship. Then, we develop a plan with you. Subsequent sessions are dedicated to implementing the plan we develop, including any adjustments we might make as you progress.

Similarly, our GRE test prep service is also designed with both you and the exam in mind. We realize that aspiring graduate students should not be treated the same as a student still working toward their high school diploma. You have very different goals. As someone who wants to attend grad school, you don’t need and won’t benefit from the same advice that we provide to students taking the SAT or ACT. Therefore, we provide you with guidance tailored to your specific needs.

If you plan to take a GRE subject test, we can provide general suggestions that will help with subject test, but we only provide detailed tutoring for the biology subject test. We are not qualified to help you prepare for other subject tests.