For Teachers

Teachers are often expected to know everything, and we’re here to help you get as close to that ideal as possible. Read on to learn more about the ways we help teachers, or call us at 912-376-9020 to find out how we can help you.

On-Demand Service – All of our services for teachers are intended to supplement the material you’ve already mastered, and the most efficient way to use our services is to have a specific topic or set of questions in mind. If you contact us with this material in hand, we can help you quickly and efficiently. This service is best for K-12 teachers who are planning to begin a new unit and need to review the material before they begin to teach it. We help home schoolers in the same way. Use us to brush up on topics you haven’t covered since last year, to learn about the newest advancements in a topic, or to update your lesson plans/lecture materials.

New Material Service – In some cases, teachers and home school leaders need to learn about materials they’ve never studied before. We understand that teaching new material can be a daunting, even frightening, task, and we’re here to help. We can get you up to speed on any science topic at the K-12 level and college-level biology or ecology. We also maintain an extensive list of contacts in disciplines outside our expertise, so we can you put you in touch with subject matter experts for topics that we don’t cover. Use this service when you need to learn new material, develop new lesson plans, or create new lab exercises. There are three different package levels available:

  1. New Material Resource PackageĀ – We put together a set of suggested readings, current events articles, and Internet resources for you to use as you learn the material on your own.
  2. New Material 8-Hour Intensive – We schedule a two day blitz comprising two 4-hour sessions in which we discuss and teach the material provided in our Resource Package. This works well as a weekend-long workshop.
  3. New Material Sustained SupportĀ – Combine either of the two preceding packages with email or telephone support for those times when you’re stuck or simply need a little reassurance. This package provides you with added peace of mind.

Lesson Plan Review – Teachers are known for their resourcefulness and creativity, and there’s no better way for them to showcase their creativity than by developing new lesson plans. The trouble with new lesson plans is that they’ve never been tested before, and students can be especially harsh judges when they encounter a bump in the road. So, while we can’t guarantee that every lesson plan will go exactly right, we can help you by reviewing your work and providing you with constructive feedback.

Lab Exercise Development – Building new lab exercises is another creative outlet that many teachers enjoy, but the process can be difficult because well-run labs require an practice and detailed familiarity with the concepts being taught. By their very nature, labs often go in directions that we teachers never plan for them to go. That is, after all, part of their usefulness. It’s also a source of major frustration sometimes because turning “oops!” into a teachable moment is easiest when we (sorta) saw the “oops!” coming. That way, we turn “oops!” into “Aha!” Let us help you make “Aha!” moments for your students. It’s one of our favorite things to do.

Need something that you don’t see here? Contact us and let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas, and we might be able to help you even if your request falls outside our usual wheelhouse.