K-12 Instructional Services

K-12 students are expected to achieve fluency in basic scientific principles as they progress through their education. Help With Science offers instructional services to students (and parents of students) who find science challenging. Call us at 912-376-9020 to find out how we can help you. Some of our more popular services are listed below, but we are happy to help you with any science related question even if it’s not listed on this page.

Metric System (SI) Tutorials – K-12 students are expected to understand the SI system. So, if you’re confused by the metric system, we can help you understand. We teach you the fundamentals and then make sure that you can do unit conversions, work with scientific notation (often used hand-in-glove with the SI system), etc. We’ll have you converting from meters per second to parsecs per fortnight in no time!

Science Fair Coaching – While we believe that every student should do their own work, we understand that students (and parents) sometimes need a little help making sure they got everything right. Let us help you understand and apply the scientific method. We’ll mentor you through the process, from hypothesis development to data collection to data analysis. We can also help you with the write-up.

Study Skills – One of the first steps towards academic success is understanding how one goes about the process of learning. Accruing knowledge is not a passive process; it takes effort, and there are methods for learning, just as there are for teaching. Learn what they are and how to apply them. Find which strategies work best for you or your student.

Philosophy of Science (Scientific Method) – What is science? What makes an observation scientific? What is the difference between scientific inquiry and other fields of study? We can help you with these questions and more.

What The Heck is Mitosis And How Is It Different From Meiosis? – For many beginning biology students, the processes involved in cell division and gamete formation are “clear as mud.” The topics, as traditionally presented, are confusing and difficult to remember. We help you understand the differences between mitosis and meiosis. We explain the steps and why they happen, when they happen, and what happens when the process goes awry.

Understanding Biodiversity – What is biodiversity? Why is it important? What’s the deal with endangered species? What about invasive species? What’s a “keystone species”?

Balancing Chemical Equations – New to chemistry? Then there’s a good chance you’re going to have to balance some chemical equations. You might also have to interpret your observations from lab experiments (empirical data) about chemical reactions. We know it can be confusing and that not every teacher/professor is good at explaining how these things work. Let us walk through things.