UNG students get Help With Science

We offer tutoring packages specifically for UNG students!

We can help you navigate all of the introductory science courses offered at UNG. We serve students at all of the UNG campuses, and we’ll patiently work with you until you’re comfortable with the material you’re trying to learn.

Call us today to get started! Our number is 912-376-9020.

Get help with Biology. Our biology tutoring service is the best available! Help With Science (this site) is owned and operated by a Ph.D. biologist (Dr. Norm Leonard) who once taught in the Biology Department at UNG. So, even though a lot has changed since he left UNG, he still has good insight into what it takes to succeed. We provide biology tutoring for all 1000-level classes and “skin out” upper level classes. We can also help you with your projects, posters and talks for meetings, and proof reading papers.

Tutoring for Chemistry. We tutor introductory chemistry, but we don’t do any upper-level chemistry.

Fun with Physics. Just like chemistry, we’re qualified to (and comfortable) helping people with their intro classes, but upper-level physics courses are not our thing.

Mathematics. We can help you with anything from remedial mathematics to intro calculus.

Environmental science tutoring.

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