Instructional Services

Call us and find out how our instructional services can help you or your student. To learn more about the way we approach tutoring, read on. Hopefully our tips, which also comprise much of our instructional philosophy, will help you decide whether we’re a good fit for your needs.

Instructional services like ours vary quite a bit, and choosing the best one is difficult. How do you know whether a tutor is qualified to work with your student? What should you consider when choosing instructional help?

Training. You want to find an instructional service with qualified tutors. The tutor you choose should have degrees in a subject relevant to the topic for which you’re seeking help. We specialize in math and science. You shouldn’t use us for help with history.

Passion. In this forum, “passion” refers to a “deep caring.” You want a tutor who really, really loves the topic(s) in question. Instructional staff that are luke-warm on a subject will sound and feel flat during tutoring sessions. But a teacher who loves the material will sound upbeat and inspire enthusiasm. They also be better at providing examples and helping students connect with the material because they want you to love it as much as they do. With respect to learning science, this describes us perfectly!

Compassion. Have you ever run across a teacher who is really smart but seems not to care the least bit about you (or your student)? You know the type: the college professor who “has” to teach or the high school teacher who’s just a wee bit burnt out. They’re smart, capable people, but they’re uninspiring because they seem to be taxed or burdened by the very idea of teaching; they no longer share their passion but rather talk solely in terms of “transmitting information.” If that’s all you needed, then Google and the Internet would be enough, right? Well, that’s not us. We’re here to help you, and we understand that you find the material difficult or frustrating or just plain boring. We care about helping you see the relevance of the subject matter, and we get that things like HOPE scholarships and internships hang in the balance. So, our instructional services are sensitive to your needs and take your specific situation into account as much as possible.

Cost. The cliché that you get what you pay for exists for a reason. But it’s also understood that your resources are not endless. So we strive to provide the very best instructional service possible for a reasonable price. If you’re worried you can’t afford help or concerned that you can’t afford all the time you need, give us a call and ask what we can do for you. We’re masters of creative solutions, and we sometimes barter, too.

Our instructional services are quite broad, but they are all linked together by our passion for teaching math and science to others. Here’s a list of some of the instructional services we offer:

  • Tutoring for college students (math, all introductory science, upper-level biology, scientific/technical writing, scientific communication, experimental design, and statistics)
  • K-12 science tutoring (all sciences, science fair coaching, AP Exam Prep, SAT/ACT Prep)
  • Help for home school groups
  • “Explainers” for parents (essentially remedial science for those who’ve been out of school for a while)
  • Help with “problem” topics such as naming chemicals in chemistry, simplifying complex expressions in algebra, meiosis/mitosis in biology, Hardy-Weinberg in biology, understanding the metric system (SI), etc.
  • Study skills
  • Help for teachers (lesson plans, rubrics, lab exercises, and demonstrations)